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Track your CV and improve your possibilities of getting hired...
In real time and anonymously!!

Designed by top recruiters, our AI-powered platform instantly gives you tailored feedback on your CV and LinkedIn profile. 

Land 5x more interviews, opportunities and job offers.

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Welcome to our app: isthisjob4me, the app that helps you take control of your job search and improve your chances of getting hired. With our app, you can easily track your CV and receive tailored feedback on how to make it stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.

Designed by top recruiters, our app uses advanced AI-powered technology to help you improve and create more optimized versions of your CV and LinkedIn profile… identifying areas that need improvement and offering personalized feedback on how to make your application more competitive.

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“isthisjob4me” will allow you to improve your professional competitiveness and adapt your CV to offers or positions that interest you most"

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Complete your CV. You can create it or upload it.
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We help you make the right impression with recruiters.
Optimize your CV and LinkedIn profile with our
fast, easy-to-use tools.

Be discoverable by recruiters, get on-demand feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile, specifically tailored to you by top recruiters.

  • Instant feedback: isthisjob4me analyzes your resume and LinkedIn profile in real time, giving you immediate feedback on how to improve your chances of getting hired.

  • Tailored recommendations: Based on the feedback you receive, isthisjob4me offers tailored recommendations on how to make your resume more competitive, including suggestions for improving your work experience, education, and skills.

  • Premium option: For those who want even more support, isthisjob4me offers a premium option that gives you access to the best practices and strategies for getting hired. With the premium option, you'll receive personalized coaching and guidance to help you stand out in a crowded job market.

ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE: We continually update questions and recommendations based on market needs.


Job seeker over 45 years?

As a mature age worker, you bring a lifetime of experience and knowledge, reliability and work ethic as well as technical skills and qualifications to a role.

We understand the challenges faced by job seekers over 45, and we want to help. That's why we're offering you an exclusive chance to enjoy 3 months of isthisjob4me Premium for FREE!


With our premium features, you'll have access to tailored support, AI-driven feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile, and personalized recommendations to boost your job search.

To claim your 3-month free Premium trial, simply send us a message through our web form, and we'll provide you with a special promo code.

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